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January 22, 2010: A photo shoot in Brunei

Lots of interesting this weekend: - visiting local sites, adventures in a river taxi, visiting the site of Proboscis Monkeys, night spider hunting with Joseph, Peifen and the Nature Preserve staff.

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For flights, I try to sit near the wing so that I can take photos of the condensation vortex that flows over the engine housing. I got a few photos and it seems that the angled plate (perpendicular to the engine housing) disrupts the airflow to trigger the vortex formation. Then physics and Bernoulli's principle take over. Once a vortex (cyclone) is triggered, the inside path of air flow is shorter and lower velocity (conversation of mass) than the outer path. So the reduced pressure associated with the outer high velocity airflow results in condensation of available moisture - hence the milky appearance of the condensation vortex. If you look closely, you'll note that the center core is clear - because the air flow is probably laminar and slower, thus higher pressure and no condensation.

jan 22 4437 condensation vortex

There is quite a bit about proboscis monkeys in Wikipedia. Also something about protecting the habitat as they are native to Borneo and only Borneo

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