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July 12, 2012:SQ 22 to Newark

This flight was over the pole. Some time ago, a pilot told me that they try to avoid polar routes because of high overflight fees. I did not realize that in addition to fuel loads and winds that overflight fees impacted the selection of the flight path. So I poked around and found that Canada, Russia and China are not part of the club (International Air Services Transit Agreement) that addresses overflight issues (and fees). Clearly for polar routes, these three countries dominate the flight path.

Over the pole to Newark, Tampa and Durham

Altitude plot

Altitude Plot

Clouds over Siberia

jul 12 7101 clouds

Clouds over Siberia

jul 12 7102 clouds

More clouds

jul 12 7113 clouds


jul 12 7116 ice


jul 12 7120 ice

Long wait - then New York

jul 12 7122 new york

New York

jul 12 7129 new york

another 2 hour wait and off to Tampa - Sunset

jul 12 7164 sunset


jul 12 7167 ewr sunset


jul 12 7172 sunset

United waiting (also)

jul 12 7175 ual

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