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July 20, 2009: An evening on the River in Berlin

We were offered a river trip and dinner. What an evening. The Red trace is the walk to the river and then boat path and the green trace is the bus route back to the hotel.

The church across the street from the hotel

DSC 6489.JPG

A tv tower

DSC 6497.JPG

A building

DSC 6499.JPG

Waiting boats

DSC 6501.JPG

The boat behind us

DSC 6509.JPG

Passing through a lock

DSC 6512.JPG

Waiting in the lock

DSC 6515.JPG

Exiting the lock

DSC 6520.JPG

Fishing with statues watching

DSC 6538.JPG

A building

DSC 6542.JPG

TV tower (again)

DSC 6543.JPG

Water music

DSC 6546.JPG

The ever present TV tower

DSC 6559.JPG

A curved building

DSC 6562.JPG

The river

DSC 6572.JPG

Police patrol outside the Parliament building

DSC 6582.JPG

Another interesting building

DSC 6586.JPG

Near the dinner place

DSC 6608.JPG

Twin buildings

DSC 6621.JPG


DSC 6632.JPG

More reflections

DSC 6637.JPG

The river

DSC 6644.JPG

and a bridge

DSC 6647.JPG

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