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July 21, 2009: Revisiting the end of a dark era

There was a quiet afternoon at the workshop so I decided to visit some dark places from earlier trips to Berlin / Potsdam. I wanted to visit Checkpoint Charlie, then the Brandenburg Gates. My last trip 4 years ago, there was quite a bit of renovation taking place. This time, the smae places appeared quite different. Here is the path (blue trace) of my walk.

Just outside the hotel, a funny car

jul 21 6651 funny car

And a funny tricycle

jul 21 6658 funny tricycle

An alley for Rachel

jul 21 6667 b wall walkway

And an old church with the funny tricycle

jul 21 6668 church

in front of the Konzert Zall

jul 21 6670 konzert tricycle

The Konzert Zall

jul 21 6673 konsert hall

The sax man

jul 21 6674 sax man

A street

jul 21 6677 street

Available parking

jul 21 6679 frei parking

Another street

jul 21 6683 street

As I walk along Friedrichstrasse toward Check Point Charlie

jul 21 6686 street

Another street

jul 21 6687 street

And another street

jul 21 6688 street

Here is an outside exhibit of some of the events around checkpoint charlie. And the sign: Friedrichstrasse

jul 21 6693 chk pt charlie

Another view of the exhibit

jul 21 6694 chk pt charlie

The checkpoint. The photo is of an American soldier. On the opposite side is a photo of a Soviet Soldier

jul 21 6697 chk pt charlie

The checkpoint

jul 21 6699 chk pt charlie street

And the sign

jul 21 6700 chk pt charlie sign

Looking up Friedrichstrasse, a photo of a Soviet soldier

jul 21 6702 soviet sector

Part of the old wall. Just like much Soviet construction (as I've seen around regions of Moscow and Pushchino where I worked), the concrete is falling away from the rebar.

jul 21 6709 wall

A crossection of the wall

jul 21 6714 wall

Some sort of sculpture

jul 21 6725 sculpture

Another view of the wall

jul 21 6726 wall

Walking up towards Potsdamer Platz, was the fun triangular wall - something else for Rachel

jul 21 6735 rachel paths

Diverging paths

jul 21 6740 rachels paths

Buildings and a tricycle and a bicycle

jul 21 6742 buildings

A high reach crane

jul 21 6743 high reach


jul 21 6746 construction

Potsdamer Platz

jul 21 6748 potsdamer platz

Outdoor advertising and interesting reflections

jul 21 6750 buildings

A sign to different tourist spots

jul 21 6752 sign

Looking down Leipziger Platz

jul 21 6756 leipziger platz

The Jewish memorial to the left

jul 21 6762 street

Stone blocks of different sizes

jul 21 6766 holocost memorial

Looking across the top of a stone block

jul 21 6767 holocaust memoral

A view of the Jewish Memorial

jul 21 6768 holocaust memorial

The Brandenberg Gate - renovations from 2005 completed

jul 21 6773 brandenberg gate

Looking into the Brandenberg Gate

jul 21 6782 brandenberg gate

From the right side

jul 21 6787 brandenberg

THe Parliament building

jul 21 6790 parliment

Another view

jul 21 6796 parliment

Looking down a street toward the Brandenberg Gate

jul 21 6799 brandenberg street

Making my way back to the hotel - a building with reflections

jul 21 6806 street

A reflecting street

jul 21 6808 reflecting street

A street for Rachel

jul 21 6823 street

Another street for Rachel

jul 21 6825 street

A round church

jul 21 6831 round church

Looking toward the Konzert Zall

jul 21 6834 street

An entrance to somewhere

jul 21 6838 way in

Street scene

jul 21 6846 church

Another street for Rachel

jul 21 6853 street

Top of the church

jul 21 6856 church

The church, U Bahn and taxi stand

jul 21 6864 church

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