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July 24, 2010: Wet webs and stuff

The Gaussian structure of Cyrtophora

jul 24 8830 cyrtophora

A Funnel web spider's wet web. I wish I had taken a closer photo of the brownish drop

jul 24 8836 wet web

I waited and she returned

jul 24 8841 funnel web spider

Then took up her place near the dew drops

jul 24 8843 funnel web spider

Dew drops on a blade of grass

jul 24 8851 dew drops

A closer look

jul 24 8851 drops close

Butterfly wings

jul 24 8863 bfly wings

CLosed wings

jul 24 8866 bfly wings

Partially open wings

jul 24 8868 bfly wings

Fully open

jul 24 8874 bfly wings spread

Her eye

jul 24 8891 bfly eye

A lizard drying off

jul 24 8894 lizard

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