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July 26, 2009: A walk along the Henerson Wave and lunch at Hort Park

We took bus 145 from Queenstown MRT to Henderson Road - and from there, walked up the steps to the Henderson Wave. Then across the wave and down Forest Walk to Hort Park and the Alexandra Arch, lunch and bus 51 home. Here are our tracks.

It all started with bus 145 at Henderson Road

jul 26 7179 frank ellen

The wave

jul 26 7187 henderson wave

About midway, you can take a detour to the Terrace Garden - which we did. Then there was the exercise going on - guys making moves that, with the shadows and lighting, were quite interesting. So I made lots of photos. I have no idea what they are doing, though.

jul 26 7198 judo uncle

jul 26 7201 judo uncle

A man with a sword

jul 26 7215 judo sword

jul 26 7216 judo sword

jul 26 7218 judo sword

Uncle doing his thing

jul 26 7223 judo uncle

The team

jul 26 7229 judo team

Pairs exercises

jul 26 7233 judo pair

jul 26 7234 judo pair

A back breaker

jul 26 7241 tai chi

jul 26 7245 judo man

jul 26 7246 judo man

jul 26 7252 judo man

jul 26 7256 judo man

jul 26 7258 judo man

jul 26 7261 judo man

jul 26 7266 judo man

Here is lunch at Hort Park

jul 26 7351 lunch

And the presentation

jul 26 7352 lunch

And Mike taking care of Ellen

jul 26 7354 lunch

Ending at the Alexandra Arch and bus 51

jul 26 7356 alexandra arch

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