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July 31, 2011:Off to Charminar

An outdoor toilet - a serious public health issue in India.

jul 30 1880 outdoor toilet

Going to School

jul 31 2075 going to school

Kids talking

jul 31 2078 going to school

Wires everywhere

jul 31 2079 wires

One way - only its the wrong way

jul 31 2082 one way

Replicating this observation.

jul 31 2085 one way


jul 31 2088 wires

Powerline wires seem to lead a life of their own. Going everywhere

jul 31 2091 wires

Street cooking

jul 31 2100 street cooking

Its about 8am and the street vendors are just cranking up. This guy was preparing some sort of something. Offered me one but I declined.

jul 31 2101 cooking

This lady order a mound of fried whatevers

jul 31 2105 street cooking

Here is the smiling cook - flipping the just fried whatevers into his pan

jul 31 2109 smiling cook

A closer look at the frying wok

jul 31 2114 frying stuff

Around the corner - seems the petrol bank has not yet opened. Here is a long queue of autos waiting for petrol - and I mean a long line, perhaps 50 or so

jul 31 2122 petrol bank waiting

The petrol queue

jul 31 2127 auto waiting

Across the street, this guy was making masala tea. He uses fresh ginger - and has a mortar for grinding it (lower right). Here he is mixing the tea

jul 31 2137 cooling tea

Lots of pouring back and forth

jul 31 2142 cooling tea

and finally pouring into a cup

jul 31 2155 pouring tea

Here is his setup - fresh ginger and clean cups in the foreground, pots and gas burner in the background. Cost was Rs 5 for a cup of tea. It was tasty

jul 31 2176 tea setup

Charminar is usually wall to wall people. But its Sunday morning and I thought it would be quiet. Here is a view of Charminar - where I'm going - THe Charminar Gate is at the top center and the huge mosque is named Makkah Masjid

Off to Charminar

jul 31 2196 to charminar

Approaching the gate

jul 31 2217 approaching charminar

Traffic was stalled - a movie shot in progress. Next to me was a guy delivering the Sunday morning Hindu

jul 31 2223 hindu delivery

Movie set

jul 31 2226 movie set charminar

Reading while sitting

jul 31 2239 reading waiting sitting

Banana's for sale

jul 31 2242 banana sale

Gate towers

jul 31 2247 towers

Another banana cart

jul 31 2254 banana cart

Fresh fruit

jul 31 2266 fruit

Inside the Mosque area were pigeons. I mean pigeons everywhere. Seems to be the entertainment

jul 31 2274 charminar pigeons

Kids feeding pigeons. Adults feeding pigeons

jul 31 2277 pigeon feeding

A gentleman approached me to show me the inside. As usual I was a bit cautious knowing that these informal tour guides are ripoffs. Sure enough, he was an informal guide, but quite good so I paid him. Here is a line of burial places

jul 31 2286 burial place

Reflections in the pool

jul 31 2292 reflections

Inside the mosque were clocks - showing times that did not make any sense to me. I'll have to explore the clock puzzle

jul 31 2298 clocks

Inside the mosque

jul 31 2301 inside mosque

This clock is supposed to be 100 years old

jul 31 2304 100 yr clock

Here the hanging lights are masked - why I don't know

jul 31 2307 masked lights

This place is where you give money to the informal tour guide to pay for upkeep. Now sure whether his upkeep or the mosque upkeep. In return he revealed a gold inscription

jul 31 2318 holy place

The gold characters

jul 31 2321 gold characters

Looking from the inside out

jul 31 2322 looking out

The building across the street

jul 31 2325 building looking out

Charminar Gate and pigeons

jul 31 2337 charminar gate

This guy was feeding pigeons who stood on his outstretched arms.

jul 31 2344 pigeon feeding

Another look at the gate

jul 31 2349 charminar gate

And another look at the pigeons

jul 31 2361 gate pigeons

Pigeons eating and flying. It was overcast so the exposure was slow and the flying pigeons were a big blur

jul 31 2364 pigeons

A pigeon eating from the man's hand

jul 31 2372 pigeon eating

The pigeon flew away and he smiled. Was a nice man

jul 31 2384 fly away smile

This guy had pigeons all over himself

jul 31 2389 shoulder pigeon

Feeding one on his arm

jul 31 2391 pigeon man

This guy was flapping his/her wings

jul 31 2392 pigeon wings

He / she was uncertain about eating

jul 31 2411 pigeon

Back to the main street and looking at the gate

jul 31 2424 gate

Looking through the gate

jul 31 2431 through the gate

It turns out that someone is shooting a moving with the gate area as a set. Here are a group of actors - on motorcycles and waving flags

jul 31 2447 movie set

A lone rider

jul 31 2449 street rider

The riding actors

jul 31 2453 riding actors

The camera and huge lens

jul 31 2469 camera

Another view

jul 31 2475 camera

And an old man walking across the deserted set

jul 31 2478 man walking

Here come the motorcycle guys

jul 31 2496 movie riders

The gate

jul 31 2511 gate to abides

And passing shops

jul 31 2518 shops

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