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June 5, 2010: From Hamburg to Changi

Our travel route home - from Hamburg to Frankfurt to Singapore. The red/yellow trace is our flight from Singapore to Hamburg and the green/blue trace is our return flight. Interesting jag in the flight path over Pakistan. The change in color is at midnight GMT

Extracting the data from the GPS files - here is the velocity and altitude graph. The step jumps in altitude probably reflect 500 m increase in altitude as fuel is burned off

altitude and velocity

Some low light photos - Taxi lights

jun 05 6707 taxi lights

Light along the taxi path

jun 05 6712 taxi lights

A Turkishs airliner on the taxi way

jun 05 6717 fra taxi

Red lights and green lights

jun 05 6736 fra runway lights

Departure runway

jun 05 6751 fra departure runway

After takeoff - evening sky

jun 05 6759 near frankfurt airport

Evening sky

jun 05 6762 near frankfurt airport

Evening sky and night lights

jun 05 6767 near frankfurt

Leaving Frankfurt

jun 05 6769 near frankfurt

another shot

jun 05 6772 near frankfurt


jun 05 6781 near frankfurt

Over the Caspian Sea at sunrise

jun 05 6804 caspian sea

First moments of sunrise

jun 05 6829 sunrise

The sun says good morning

jun 05 6838 sunrise

300 mm look at the sunrise

jun 05 6845 sunrise


jun 05 6850 sunrise

Almost full sunrise

jun 05 6851 sunrise

Coast of Malaysia

jun 05 6883 malaysia coast

Malaysian coast

jun 05 6891 malaysia coast

Near Singapore

jun 05 6892 malaysia coast

Near Singapore

jun 05 6899 malaysia airstrip

Approaching Changi

jun 05 6906 malaysia

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

jun 05 6923 island approach

jun 05 6934 tanah merah

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