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June 16, 2013: Launching Fishing Boats

Driving to Boza - 75 km, 3 hours - up and down and bump by bump

Elevation - bumps identified along the way

Dar es Salaam to Boza elevation

Tracks in the sand

jun 16 4240 tracks

Fishing boats - in the launch position

jun 16 4242 village

An eagle

jun 16 4250 eagle

An eagle flying

jun 16 4255 eagle flying

Village kids and others

jun 16 4260 village

Drying fishing nets

jun 16 4273 fishing nets

The village

jun 16 4437 village

Preparing to launch

jun 16 4274 fisherman

Washing dishes

jun 16 4281 washing

Main Street

jun 16 4284 village street

Behind main street, guys build fishing nets.

jun 16 4293 making net

A close look at the supporting structure

jun 16 4297 net detail

A what I call, mud ball hut. There are mud balls about the size of a nice Idaho potato that are stacked and supported by the wood grid. Sometimes, a stucco like surface is applied on top of the mud balls

jun 16 4303 mud ball home


jun 16 4308 mud ball home

A solar array - for charging a battery. This guy provides charging service for all the mobile phones in the village (I was curious, everyone had a mobile phone, but no electricity, so how were they charged?

jun 16 4312 solar phone charging service

To my surprise - chargers are available - here is a wiring diagram of a charger

solar charger with regulator

Meanwhile - launching the fishing boat. A small log is placed under the boat and rolled to the water

jun 16 4321 launch boat

Into the water

jun 16 4351 launch boat

Pushing and

jun 16 4362 boat launch

Jump in

jun 16 4378 boat launch

Another launch - note the log under the boat

jun 16 4405 launch

Into the water

jun 16 4408 launch

jun 16 4515 set sail

Yet another fishing boat - launching with the sail raised

jun 16 4545 set sail

Preparing to raise the sail

jun 16 4546 set sail

Almost fully raised

jun 16 4551 set sail

Ready to go

jun 16 4556 launch boat

A last push and

jun 16 4559 rudder placed

Note another boat in the background

jun 16 4578 sailing

Returning from retrieving their net that was placed the night before - and extracting the fish

jun 16 4605 clearing net

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