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June 17, 2013: Boza and Glen's Acquaculture Centre

Glen's Boza Aquaculture Centre is located in Boza, 74 km from South Lodge in Dar Es Salaam - about a 3 hour drive. After you depart from B2 - its all dirt or sand roads with 1 downhill exception. We go in the morning and work till late afternoon then return. The tracks are below. From Dar Es Salaam to Boza

Morning Catch

jun 17 4668 morning catch

Today, very high winds and the associated rough seas

jun 17 4669 high winds

The village - two rows of palm-leaf huts

jun 17 4673 village

The prawn pool - with aeration tubes

jun 17 4678 pool

YouTube video of a female swimming

A large 120 g female - and Muharami

jun 17 4687 prawn muharami

Measuring the length

jun 17 4693 measuring

Swimming happily in the pool. The eyes are excited by my camera flash

jun 17 4698 prawn swimming

Swimming - toward me with reflecting eyes

jun 17 4700 prawn swimming

Only one eye excited

jun 17 4702 prawn swimming

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