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June 18, 2010: Snorkelling at Mapur

How we got there - Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal then Bintan Resorts Ferry to BTT ferry terminal - and by land to Bintan Agro Beach

Leaving Singapore (from my Nexus One camera)

jun 18 singapore 08.10.46

Jack and I went snorkelling at Mapur Island with Jumari - the water was calm but visibility was not great. Also the water temp was 31.1 C which is when bleaching of acropora happens. There was not much evidence of coral bleaching and on the fun side, there were clown fish in a white anemone - instead of the usual tan anemone I usually see

Florence at Sea Sport

jun 18 13.51.28 florence

Jumari - I'm sort of akong for Jumari

jun 18 1923 jumari

Green Acropora - nice tables

jun 18 1930 green acropora

White soft coral

jun 18 1944 white soft coral

Pink Acropora

jun 18 1945 pink acropora

This is my first encounter with white anemone. But it was everywhere. The purple basement membrane was quite colorful - and the clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris appeared happy

jun 18 1962 clown anemone

Another view

jun 18 1963 clown fish

A hiding clownfish

jun 18 1967 clownfish anomene

Clusters of white anemone, acropa and a few clownfish

jun 18 1969 clown coral fish

This year - the fish population appears to be growing. Where in years past, there were few fish - now there are many and some maybe 30cm in length (large) by my experience.

jun 18 1971 staghorn yellow fish

A fisherman passing by

jun 18 1985 fisherman


jun 18 1990 jumari

White soft coral

jun 18 2003 white soft coral

Interesting cream colored soft coral and some white stuff

jun 18 2004 soft coral

Staghorn coral

jun 18 2007 staghorn

Blue giant clam

jun 18 2012 blue giant clam

Brown giant clam

jun 18 2014 giant clam

Another brownish clam with green border

jun 18 2015 giant clam

Almost black with aqua border

jun 18 2016 giant clam

Another tan giant clam with green border

jun 18 2024 giant clam

Green giant clam with white interior

jun 18 2027 giant clam

Dark greenish giant clam

jun 18 2028 giant clam

Blue giant clam

jun 18 2033 blue giant clam

Tan and green

jun 18 2035 green giant clam

Cream colored acropora

jun 18 2049 white acropora

Creme Acropora with colorful fish

jun 18 2051 white acropora fish

Evening sky as we finished snorkelling

jun 18 2071 evening

A small island and coral near the surface of the sea

jun 18 2075 island coral

A fishing boat

jun 18 2079 island fishing

Evening sky

jun 18 2083 evening

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