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June 20, 2010: Agro Morning and Kids

Its Sunday morning and waiting for the sunrise. The layer of clouds along the horizon hid the sun - but the colors and clouds were quite varied and interesting

jun 20 7192-morning

Just before sunrise

jun 20 7195 morning

The sun - arising from behind the clouds gives a first appearance and some reflected light on the water surface

jun 20 7232 sunrise

More sunrise

jun 20 7243 sunrise

A 300mm look at the sun

jun 20 7257 sunrise fishing boat

Here a fisherman is tending his trip in the reflected sunlight

jun 20 7263 sunrise fisherman

Early sun and Nikoi Island

jun 20 7270 nikoi sunrise

Looks like a heron and a fisherman

jun 20 7334 fisherman bird

Another look

jun 20 7338 bird fisherman

The heron looks away

jun 20 7342 fisherman bird

Then flaps her wings

jun 20 7344 bird flying

Meanwhile - some kids were looking for hermit crabs

jun 20 7381 kids hunting

Now with a bucket

jun 20 7397 kids hunting

Nice reflections

jun 20 7405 kids hunting

Alone with a reflection

jun 20 7447 kids hunting reflection

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