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June 27, 2010: Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Trail: Mantis and a Jumper

Larry wanted to go out Friday night. Since it rained all day Friday, our expectation was high that we would find something interesting. We sort of - but then, I had battery drain and really having difficulty locating interesting insects. So we left. We did find, though, several moms hanging onto their egg sacs. I returned today (Sunday) to get better photos but could not locate a single one. I did find a neat and friendly jumper and then later a wonderful friendly praying mantis.

Here is the jumper. Each pair of eyes is a different size. I had difficulty keeping this guy out of my lens hood - so friendly.

jun 27 8522 searching jumper


jun 27 8526 crouching jumper

A hairless palp. Someone suggested this was a regenerated palp - perhaps.

jun 27 8527 hairless palp jumper

From the side. With the eyes, I had lots of practice focusing

jun 27 8530 jumper side

From the side

jun 27 8533 jumper below

From the front

jun 27 8542 jumper obllique

From the side - look at the difference in size between the left most eye and the smaller eye that is above a front looking eye

jun 27 8545 jumper side

This is probably the best image to appreciate the size differences in the eyes - left most small, to the right a very small one that is behind a larger front looking eye and then the front eyes about double size

jun 27 8547 jumper side

From the side again

Looking up

jun 27 8564 jumper looking

A pink flower

jun 27 8581 pink flower

A grasshopper eating a heliconia something

jun 27 8619 ghopper chewing


jun 27 8622 ghopper nibble

Then a small praying mantis on a heliconia stalk

jun 27 8646 inverted mantis

Walking across my fingers

jun 27 8668 friendly mantis

Looking at me

Cleaning his foot

jun 27 8700 mantis grooming

A side look

jun 27 8702 praying mantis

A closer look

jun 27 8704 mantis close

Looking at me again

jun 27 8704 praying mantis heliconia


jun 27 8706 heliconia mantis

Walking away

jun 27 8709 heliconia mantis

jun 27 8717 Heliconia psittacorum

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