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June 28, 2008: From Henderson Wave to Hort Park

Ellen had the idea to take the bus (145) to Henderson Road and then walk the forest walk to Alexandra Arch - close to where we live. Here are the GPS tracks - leaving Queens condo (upper left) and taking bus 145 to Henderson Road - then walking up the stairs to the Henderson Wave and then along the Forest Walk. Quite a nice morning

After bus 145 - is this climb

jun 28 5608 way up

A view of Henderson Road and the wave

jun 28 5611 wave rd

To the Wave

jun 28 5613 wave sign

And the front door to the Henderson Waves

jun 28 5614 henderson waves

And the Waves

jun 28 5615 henderson waves

The map of the walk

jun 28 5616 walk map

And discovering the southern ridges

jun 28 5617 discover southern ridges

The Henderson Wave up close

jun 28 5618 henderson wave

Looking down Henderson Road to the Singapore Straits

jun 28 5621 henderson road

The sky line and Straits of Singapore

jun 28 5635 forest walk view

For those that want to know how far

jun 28 5641 2.2 km

The elevated path

jun 28 5643 forest walk

A shelter and Ellen

jun 28 5649 ellen walk

The trail over a road

jun 28 5651 forest walk

The Alexandra Arch

jun 28 5658 alexandra arch

And walking toward Hort Park

jun 28 5660 hyderabad road

Reflections at Hort Park

jun 28 5665 hort park reflections

And a to-be smile

jun 28 5668 smile

And off they go

jun 28 5670 getting ready

Through a looking glass

jun 28 5677 through looking glass

The Alexandra Arch

jun 28 5691 alexandra arch


jun 28 5695 heliconia

And a something that turns white

jun 28 5697 stalk

A group of talking heads

jun 28 5704 talking heads

A butterfly

jun 28 5718 butterfly

A Heliconia bud

jun 28 5722 heliconia bud

Heliconia blossom

jun 28 5724 heliconia

A long tail butterfly

jun 28 5741 long tail side

And her head

jun 28 5746 long tail bfly front

From the side

jun 28 5751 long tail butterfly

And the other side

jun 28 5764 long tail butterfly

The End

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