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March 6, 2009: Home at Bintan Agro Beach

Getting there

Low tide highlights

mar 06 3789 low tide highlights

Incoming tide

mar 06 3802 incoming tide

Clouds over Mapur Island

mar 06 3831 cloud over mapur

I am fascinated by the patterns of water that appear in the fountain water. These high speed photos (1/1000 sec) review interesting patterns

mar 06 3850 water patterns

It is almost as if the water has a life of its own with drops and stems of water appearing in unexpected places

mar 06 3851 water patterns

A sheet of water with little drops to the left

mar 06 3876 water patterns

Almost a wave of water on the right

mar 06 3900 water sheet

Lines of water appear to join

mar 06 3925 fountain drops

Another interesting pattern

mar 06 3926 fountain drops

Here, you can see individual drops from the fountain behind sea sport

mar 06 3970 fountain drops

A moment later

mar 06 3971 fountain drops

Frangipani - my favoride

mar 06 3978 frangipani

White frangipani

mar 06 3996 frangipani

White Sand Island

mar 06 4006 white sand framed

Ellen's favorite - the pool

mar 06 4007 afternoon pool

Low tide and the remote islands

mar 06 4016 white sand

Looking another direction

mar 06 4018 tide

Clouds over Mapur Island

mar 06 4020 clouds

Incoming tide

mar 06 4022 incoming tide

Afternoon moon

mar 06 4023 afternoon moon

Bintan Agro Beach - evening

mar 06 4034 bintan agro evening

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