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March 6, 2010: New spider

A fly

mar 06 7360 fly

An interesting black bug

mar 06 7369 black bug

Without flash - look at the complex eye structure

mar 06 7372 black bug

A drop on a Parawixia web

mar 06 7382 web drop

This guy (note the palps) came climbing up as I was spraying the web. Look at all the water droplets on the legs. I think they aggregate around the leg hairs. This is a male Tylorida ventralis

mar 06 7392 long legged spider drops

Here, Tylorida ventralis harvesting water drops making large drops from small drops

mar 06 7394 harvesting drops

A display of drops

mar 06 7401 open legs drops

Here he is drinking water with one of his legs

mar 06 7407 drinking drops

Note the large male palps of Tylorida ventralis. Apparently this guy can continue mating for 24 hours - apparently a spider record

mar 06 7408 male palps

Later, another view. Note the dragline silk and large palps

mar 06 7430 male dragline drops

With 1st legs elongated

mar 06 7434 long legged spider

Walking tward the center - note dragline silk. And now, the water drops around his leg hairs has disappeared

mar 06 7439 long legged acrobat

An Argiope with dinner

mar 06 7444 argiope dinner

I spooked her and she dropped to the ground

mar 06 7446 argiope dinner

But I found her

mar 06 7448 argiope hiding

And later she returned

mar 06 7451 argiope and dinner

I managed to spooke her again and she dropped her dinner (or breakfast)

mar 06 7452 argiope and dinner f3 5

And retreated a bit

mar 06 7458 argiope withdrawn

Then she retreated to the top of her web

mar 06 7465 argiope hiding up

With two legs curled in front of her

mar 06 7470 argiope hiding up

Then she returned again to dinner

mar 06 7476 back to dinner

I think this is a cylosa web - which caught some of the water I sprayed on the Parawixia web

mar 06 7487 cyclosa wet web

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