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March 12, 2008: From Singapore to RDU - all in a day's work

A day's work starts in Singapore, leaving Changi at 12:10 pm. The day's work ends in Chapel Hill, 11:10 pm. A total of 23 hours from Changi to Newark, through customs, discovering our AA flight had been canceled, switching to Continental 2445 with our baggage already checked with AA, arriving at RDU and discovering both Josh and our baggage was waiting for us. A pretty good day. Here is the GPS record of our trip. You can click on the labels in the upper right and suppress segments. The P1 is from Singapore to somewhere over Canada where I changed batteries. P2 is from the battery change place to EWR. The Active Logs are uncompressed GPS track files.

The Google map below is active. You can click and drag the map, zoom in on the airports to check whether my GPS agrees with the satellite photos of the runways and just have fun.

Leaving Changi, a ValueAir flight landing

mar 12 1025 valueair landing

I am fascinated by the conditions required to make these tubes of condensed water (I think) - here it is

mar 12 1029 condensed tube

The mechanism apparently is related to vortex formation and the reduced pressure inside the vortex. There are some interesting references in Wikipedia to vortex formation at the tips of aircraft wings, contrails, and the Prandtl-Glauert singularity.

A few moments later the condensate tube transiently appears and disappears as conditions change. These appear to be related to both the speed and the relative humidty. Low humidity, and they tend not to form

mar 12 1036 tube condensate

Here is a moment later - no tube

mar 12 1041 no tube

Taking off

mar 12 1045 takeoff

The flying a southern route - here over Lake Superior

mar 12 1059 lake superior

Flying in to New Jersey

mar 12 1090 new jersey

Approaching EWR

mar 12 1090 sq22 ewr approach

and landing

mar 12 1122 landing

and taxi to the gate. SQ 22 all the way

mar 12 1125 taxi to gate

Then leaving EWR for RDU

mar 12 1147 ewr


mar 12 1175 takeoff

More takeoff - nice evening lights

mar 12 1179 takeoff

The wind and New Jersey

mar 12 1187 new jersey wing

Then 90 minutes later, Durham

mar 12 1195 durham

and landing at RDU

mar 12 1197 landing rdu

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