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March 13, 2010: Cabana Sunrise and Wedding

How we got there - Ferry to BBT, then taxi to Cabana, than shuttle to Agro, then boat to White Sand - and then undo this to get back home

Woke up early to catch a possible sunrise. It did not really happen as you can see

mar 13 7727 sunrise

Hiding behind clouds

mar 13 7732 sunrise

Still hiding

mar 13 7747 sunrise

So, giving up I looked around and there seemed to be some very well dressed folks on the lawn - a closer look was that this appeared to be a pre-wedding photo shoot. Perhaps a chance to get some new experience

mar 13 7763 morning wedding party

The bride-to-be looking at me on our balcony

mar 13 7770 bridge looking at me

Looking to one side

mar 13 7776 morning bride

Sort of a flower prayer - by now I have appeared as one of the pros taking pro photos of the bride

mar 13 7806 flower prayer

And a flower smile

mar 13 7809 flower smile

Watching the sun rise (which was over)

mar 13 7851 watching sunrise

Then the bride took at seet in the water

mar 13 7859 bride sitting

And her husband-to-be and his bridge-to-be

mar 13 7868 smiles

All smiles

mar 13 7874 smiles

Looking over his shoulder

mar 13 7888 couple


mar 13 7901 thinking bridge

2nd thoughts

mar 13 7905 happy bride

Almost man-and-wife

mar 13 7908 what next

Practice kissing

mar 13 7931 kiss

Then the wedding party moved toward some boulders and I caught the early sun on her face - nice

mar 13 7937 bride to be close

Changed the setting to get more exposure - a mistake, I like the darker better

mar 13 7938 bride to be close

And the full frame

mar 13 7938 bride to be

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