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March 19, 2010:Krabi rain forest

Today I thought I would go for a snorkel somewhere. Turned out not to be correct. Mostly we road in a van to a hot fall, emerald pool and tiger cave temple

Analysis of the water composition at the hot falls

mar 19 8720 hot falls analysis

A small temple

mar 19 8722 mini temple

Playing with exposure time in low light - one presentation of the falls

mar 19 8724 hot falls fast

A 1 sec exposure (f/22) of the falls. Quite nice

mar 19 8726 hot falls slow

Another capture

mar 19 8734 hot falls

Then on to Emerald Pool - past some fast food and fast eggs

mar 19 8739 emerald pool food

Emeral Pool and Slippery Rocks

mar 19 8762 emerald pool

Kids enjoying the slippery rocks

mar 19 8764 slippery kids

A train of kids

mar 19 8765 emerald pool kids

Then a lesson of how to harvest latex - cutting about a 3mm deep cut

mar 19 8773 3mm cut

The initial flow of latex

mar 19 8774 latex flow

Continued flow

mar 19 8775 latex flow

On to the drip pan

mar 19 8777 latex flow

and into the bucket

mar 19 8792 latex drip

A drop of latex

mar 19 8793 latex drip

Describing how to harvest latex

mar 19 8789 harvesting latex

Then on to Tiger Cave Temple and a long exposure shot of the falls

mar 19 8824 temple falls

Inside the cave

mar 19 8831 cave temple

A wider view of the cave and marble floor and the skeleton to the right

mar 19 8832 tiger temple

The skeleton

mar 19 8835 temple skeleton

Inside another cave

mar 19 8847 cave budha group

A blur

mar 19 8847 cave budha

A 1000 year old banyon tree

mar 19 8852 1000 yr banyon

Nephila maculata

mar 19 8860 nephila

Temple guys

mar 19 8873 temple guys

Laughing man

mar 19 8877 laughing budha

Cave temple

mar 19 8882 tiger cave temple

Temple prayers

mar 19 8883 temple prayers

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