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March 21, 2011:Hyderabad Moonrise

In the evening I was walking the streets and saw the moonrise - so back to the hotel to catch it. Here is the post-super moon moonrise at ISO 200.

mar 21 1631 moonrise

Moonrise at ISO L1 (whatever that is in Nikon-speak)

mar 21 1636 moonrise

March 22, 2011:Hyderabad Sunrise and Moonset

Then up for sunrise. Here is moonset - with no competition from ambient light

mar 22 1643 moonset

Misty sunrise

mar 22 1695 sunrise

A bit later

mar 22 1697 sunrise

mar 22 1714 sunrise

Moonset with more ambient light. Less features

mar 22 1761 moonset

A kiss of morning sun

mar 22 1764 sunrise

Morning sunrise

mar 22 1769 sunrise

And at ISS - a photo-shoot -

Alam and Rajesh (and his baseball cap)

mar 22 1783 who mar 22 1786 who

Koti and Santosh

Of all the team photos - Koti's is the one least like that seen in a police lineup :) What a great team of folks

mar 22 1789 who mar 22 1792 who

Software Team

mar 22 1796 software team

Testing Team

mar 22 1801 testing team

VAP Team

mar 22 1802 vap team

ISS Team

mar 22 1805 iss team

with Frank and Durga

mar 22 1809 frank iss

The round trip - To Hyderabad and Return

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