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March 31, 2008: Jay's NPN, Ft. Meade branch

Welcome to Jay's Native Plant Nursery - possibly the more prestigious nursery in central Florida. Here is a Google Maps presentation of how to get there. Click and drag and drive yourself to Jay's NPN.

Here is a Google view of Jay's Ft. Meade branch of Jay's NPN

Jays place

Here is Fort Meade

mar 31 2298 ft meade

And every place needs a fine eating place and Ft. Meade is no exception. The Broadway Cafe is it! Tested once by me and multiple times by Prof Ben. Wonderful chicken & dumplin's, burgers and sweet tea.

mar 31 2297 broadway cafe

Its all about plants, understanding, water, patience and ... Here is the sprintker system and nursery pots

mar 31 2189 fm sprinker pots

mar 31 2194 sprinker system

Step up pots for Long Leaf pines

mar 31 2195 step up long leaf pine

A field of plantlets

mar 31 2196 nursersy field

mar 31 2199 long leaf pine

mar 31 2204 potting plot

mar 31 2206 tower

mar 31 2209 1 gal pots

mar 31 2213 big ones

mar 31 2216 tower pots

Prof. Ben, checking up on plants

mar 31 2219 ben checking

and some sprinkler repair

mar 31 2226 sprinker repair

More sprinkler repair

mar 31 2231 sprinker repair

Serious native flowers Lantana

mar 31 2232 native flowers

Its all about stepping up: from 1 gallon pots to 3 gallon pots

mar 31 2234 pine step up


mar 31 2235 pines

mar 31 2237 3 gal step up

Staging the step up

mar 31 2240 long leaf step up

No serious NPN is complete without an aquatic nursery - for bull rushes and other delightful water plants

mar 31 2242 aquatic nursery

Waiting to be planted

mar 31 2244 aquatic waiting

Bull rush in the aqua plots

mar 31 2250 bull rush aqua

Baby long leaf pines in the foreground

mar 31 2245 long leaf babies

Young pines

mar 31 2248 1 gallon long leaf

Prof Ben explaing stuff to me

mar 31 2251 prof ben

Looking at root development

mar 31 2267 root devel

A closer look at another rooting long leaf pine - this one is not well developed

mar 31 2247 long leaf seedlings

Colors everywhere

mar 31 2269 colors

mar 31 2274 for sale

mar 31 2280 north plot

mar 31 2282 north plot

Here is something interesting - before (backgound) a something producing seed (soon to be harvested). In front - young somethings

mar 31 2284 north plants

A view of the seed machine

mar 31 2287 before after

and the seed to be harvested

mar 31 2289 harvest seed

mar 31 2292 north pots

mar 31 2294 north stages

Prof. Ben's pride - silver palmetto trees

mar 31 2296 silver palmetto

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