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May 4, 2011: From Singapore to Duke in about 25 hourse

Its off to Duke again - SQ 22 from Singapore to Newark then Continental from Newark to RDU and Brad from RDU to Duke. Here we are departing Changi - an A380 before us

may 04 4255 leaving changi

Watching an approach

may 04 4285 landing

Garuda landing

may 04 4292 garuda landing

Malaysia Airlines taking off

may 04 4298 malaysia takeoff

Air Asia landing

may 04 4307 air asia landing

And us taking off

may 04 4310 sq22 takeoff

Some construction on the Malaysia side

may 04 4327 malaysia construction

Malaysia countryside

may 04 4329 malaysia

THere is a new cable stay bridge under us. We used to fly to the right and I could capture the progress. Now it seems the flight path follows the river and I am not able to photograph the bridge

may 04 4335 malaysia


may 04 4341 malaysia


may 04 4353 malaysia

Cloud structure

may 04 4362 clouds


may 04 4371 clouds

Approaching Newark - the sun was on my right and I was sitting on the left side of the aircraft - seat 14a. We were passing clouds so there was a shadow. The interference between incident and refracted light from water droplets in the clouds makes a nice sort of diffraction pattern centered at my window as seen here

may 04 4414 sq22 glory atmospheric optics

Another view

may 04 4426 sq22 glory

Another view

may 04 4432 sq22 glory 14A

Here you can see the faint 2nd order halo

may 04 4438 sq22 glory 2nd order

It was 10:45 before we departed Newark so I played with night photos

may 04 4497 co3358 takeoff

Newark at night

may 04 4501 co 3358 takeoff

New York in the distance

may 04 4505 co3358 takeoff

Night lights

may 04 4507 co3358 takeoff

Night lights

may 04 4515 co3358 takeoff

Night lights

may 04 4556 co 3358 takeoff

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