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May 6, 2011: Birds and Arrows at WUNC

The best part of my visits to Duke is visiting Josh - and next week he and Alexia (here) will be married. Today, Josh, part of Birds and Arrows, will be doing a bit at WUNC - so off I went with camera in hand

may 06 4600 alexia

Here is a tune by Birds and Arrows - Andrea, Pete and Jowh

There were several studios - and here Josh and cello are doing a sound check

may 06 4608 josh

I did all the photos in natural light, in both raw and jpg format. Exposure was 1/30 sec, f/2.8 using my new Tamron 17-50 mm lens. This is a big experiment for me - I bought a D7000 to replace my old D90. So I'm shooting with an unfamiliar instrument. The above was my first exposure to the video recording option and I was pleased

may 06 4614 josh cello wunc

and Josh playing a tune from a different angle

may 06 4620 josh playing

In the background is the studio control room

may 06 4624 josh playing

Here is Andrea tuning up

may 06 4643 andrea

Shot through the control room window, Pete and Andrea and reflections of outside on the studio window

may 06 4670 pete andrea

Fun with reflections

may 06 4675 andrea pete

Josh and reflections

may 06 4678 josh playing

From the control room with reflections everywhere

may 06 4690 wunc studio

Birds and Arrows in the studio

may 06 4693 birds n arrows

Looking over one of the consoles

may 06 4705 wunc studio

A soft Josh

may 06 4715 josh soft

Andrea and Pete

may 06 4720 andrea pete

Control room and studio birds

may 06 4726 studio birds

Control room lights - so many colors

may 06 4729 studio lights reflections

End of sound check and balance. Waiting outside. I was sitting and Josh was standing - Josh here

may 06 4774 josh

Pretending to ignore me

may 06 4786 josh


may 06 4792 josh


may 06 4804 josh


may 06 4840 josh

The three rogues - Birds and Arrows

may 06 4849 birds arrows

Two rogues and Alexia

may 06 4856 chillin


may 06 4858 chillin

Alexia and I were in a different control room - and this is the recording session

may 06 4867 alexia watching

Peering over the control console

may 06 4908 studio view

Andrea singing her heart out

may 06 4970 andrea singing

and looking at Pete

may 06 4985 andrea laughing

Andrea singing

may 06 5001 andrea singing

Andrea singing

may 06 andrea singing

Josh and the other Frank

may 06 5009 josh frank

The studio in action

may 06 5021 recording

Josh and the other Frank

may 06 5036 josh thinking frank stashow

may 06 5054 andrea singing

Finished - outside the Lucky Strike tower

may 06 5063 lucky strike tower

Back to Duke - and walking back to the Wash Duke - a view of Duke South.

may 06 5072 duke south

Another view of Duke South

may 06 5083 duke south

A squirrel digging

may 06 5096 squirrel

Duke Chapel

may 06 5120 duke chapel

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