Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

May 08, 2008:Our new home: Duke-NUS Medical School

We have a challenge. We have specified plasma panel displays for the conference rooms and small seminar rooms. Suddenly we realized that our building is a glass box with the possibility of reflections of all smooth surfaces. To further investigate, Li Fook, Matthew and I took a walk, my first, to our new facility. I could not resist taking a few photos - and here is the story. Here is our place via Google Maps. To the middle left is our current facility and to the upper left is the MOH building and trees where are new facility is being built

Walking from our current quarters along College Road toward MOH and our new home

may 08 0298 moh gms

Our new home that Sandy built

may 08 0302 our new building

Sandy's plan

may 08 0528 plan

Our almost front door

may 08 0303 duke nus

Steps to a real front door

may 08 0325 L2 entrance

The entrance

may 08 0538 entrance

and the back door

may 08 0307 gms side

More of the back

may 08 0309 gms back

Matthew and Li Fook, in deep discussion of light sources and possible reflections of video display services

may 08 0314 L1 reflections

Matthew has an idea

may 08 0315 reflections

The base of the admin tower

may 08 0320 L1 admin

Viewing the open area from Level 2 - and reflections on the existing external glass

may 08 0327 L2 open space

The side (facing south-east)

may 08 0332 admin

Safety nets

may 08 0338 safety nets

Looking along the outside wall

may 08 0348 L3 outside

Looking east toward the center of town

may 08 0359 L3

Overlooking SGH

may 08 0370 my offfice L4

Inside - building walls

may 08 0387 making walls

Safety stamp on scaffolding

may 08 0402 safety

Walking along the atrium

may 08 0425 level 5

Multicultural signage

may 08 0439 multi culture

Looking toward the admin tower

may 08 0444 level 7

Lookng over the atrium

may 08 0452 scaffolding

Outside - construction everywhere

may 08 0461 outside

Discussing cable trays

may 08 0465 ducts

Multicolored cable trays

may 08 0470 atrium


may 08 0475 level 6

Lokking from the admin tower

may 08 0490 top levels

Looking south-west

may 08 0504 view

During the construction of the Ravenel Bridge I was curous about how tower cranes were erected and unerected. I did photo-essay of the unerection process - but my curiosity about these tools continues. Here is a view of the tower crane coupling to the building (temporary of course).

may 08 0508 tower crane tiedown

All kinds of craftsmen

may 08 0510 worker tieoff

China Construction

China Construction

Kilowatt engineers


Our plan (Level 10)


On the way down - Lift permit


Lift operator (certified)


A view of the research - education tower

may 08 0513 top level

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