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May 08, 2009: Snorkelling at White Sand Island

How we got to Bintan Agro Beach Resort and then White Sand Island

I arrived from Tanjung Pinang just in time for lunch - so here are a few views from behind the Sun-Moon

may 08 0233 afternoon rain

Afternoon clouds

may 08 0242 clouds

Here the rock to the left is a female profile - who's? Santi, Theresa, Sina, Herlina, Yohana, Evi, Florence, Lina, Yenny, Dewi or someone we have not met yet?

may 08 0234 santi statue

A nearby kelong

may 08 0251 kelong

Another kelong

may 08 0276 kelong

After lunch it was off to the small village to watch making some tasty treats. You can see me and my

may 08 0281 flo me mote

Here is the small cafe, making tasty treats that are cooked in a banana leaf wrapper. Named Otak Otak, this is a paste of pounded fish meat and marinated with coconut milk, ground chilli, onions, lemongrass, blue ginger and tumeric. A blob is placed on a strip of fresh banana leaf, which adds a very subtle flavor to the blog and keeps the blob moist during cooking.

may 08 0291 making stuff

The kitchen where the Otah Otah or Otak Otak paste is made

may 08 0330 kitchen

The paste that is placed on the wrapper

may 08 0293 making stuff

Preparing the fire

may 08 0306 making fire

Preparing the wrappers - see the blob of prawn paste on the banana leaf

may 08 0309 making stuff

High speed work

may 08 0313 motion

More stuffing

may 08 0315 stuffing

Preparing to place the wrappers on the fire

may 08 0318 prepare

In an orderly row

may 08 0320 place

Cooking and organizing

may 08 0333 cooking

WIth the fan encouraging the fire, he turns the wrappers

may 08 0341 turning

More turning

may 08 0346 cooking

and the cooking is complete

may 08 0348 cooking complete

The village across the street

may 08 0359 village

Then back to Bintan Agro Beach and some refreshment and then snorkeling. may 08 0382 palm

At Yenny's place - a tall glass of ice lemon tea and a good view of afternoon clouds and rain over Mapur Island

may 08 0389 ice lemon tea

Another fruit drink with layers of juices

may 08 0446 cool drink

Drops on the glass

may 08 0455 bubbles

A green table coral and something quite interesting to the left

may 08 0027 blue green coral

A blue something

may 08 0057 blue clam


A floating kelong


Variety of coral


Sea urchin


Colorful table coral


Colorful table coral


Not sure what this is

may 08 0129 something

Green Anemone and green stag horn coral

may 08 0165 green anemone

Something like colorful lips

may 08 0187 clam

Hari caught a fish - bare handed. What am amazing guy

may 08 0248 hari fish

A closer look

may 08 0249 hari fish

Jumari - gets into the act

may 08 0251 fish

And fun clown (nemo) fish

may 08 0321 clown

Clown fish

clown fish

Two clown fish over an interesitng maze of coral

may 08 0332 two clowns

A clown fish hiding in the anemone

may 08 0363 sharp clown

I don't know the proper name, but this is like a maze

may 08 0370 maze coral

Colorful Coral


A blue eyed fish

may 08 0380 blue eyes

ANother clown fish

may 08 0388 clown

Jumari at sunset

may 08 0419 jumari

just chillin'

may 08 0426 chillin

Hari swimming back

may 08 0433 hari



Frank and Hari

may 08 0457 frank jumari

and Frank and Jumari

may 08 0458 frank hari

Sunset as we returned to the Agro Beach pier

may 08 0592 sunset


may 08 0455 sunset

Moon over the Sun Moon

may 08 0608 moon over sun moon

And moon over the honeymoon suites

may 08 0624 moon over honeymoon

And later - moon over the Sun Moon

may 08 0655 moon over sun moon

Another view

may 08 0657 moon

Can you imagine - this morning I left home at 7am to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, then to Tanjun Pinang where Dewi met me and took me to the resort - then lunch and an adventure visiting a local kelong, then a tall glass of ice lemon tea - then snorkelling - then a full moon and a quiet dinner at Sun Moon. Just another ordinary day in paradise

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