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May 10, 2009: Bintan Agro Beach Staff and crabs

How we came home including taxi from Tanah Merah Ferry Termina

Yesterday was a bummer. I managed to drop my underwater camera into the water here - but even with all the guys helping, we could not locate it. Here is early morning clouds and Sun Moon

may 10 0791 sun moon low tide

A low tide morning - a time for me to make another search of the area to locate the camera

may 10 0792 low tide morning

Wouldn't you know it - as soon as I turned a rock over, up pops a little hairy crab just looking at me

may 10 0798 hairy crab

Another view

may 10 0802 crab

IN aohter place - this little guy decided to look up

may 10 0804 little crab

From the side

may 10 0809 little crab side

From the front

may 10 0812 little crab

and at another place - another little crab

may 10 0817 little crab

watching me search for my underwater camera

may 10 0819 little crab

After no success - it was time to address success. I have promised Santi that I would do photos of her. Yesterday, in my depression over my clumsy dropping of my camera - I forgot to take their photos. They have nice new shirts - and so today - my mood was better and here are the photos of the reception staff

may 10 0829 santi

Santi's smile

may 10 0831 santi

Jaya and his quiet smile

may 10 0833 quiet smile

Sina and her Sina-smile

may 10 0834 sina

and Theresa and her Theresa smile. Theresa some times works in the Sea Sport with Florence and Lina. All these staff are multi-lingual to the point of embarassment of me. For example, Lina and Theresa speak Teochiu as well as Indonesian and English. Florence speaks Mandarin as well as Indonesian and English. I would like a bit of their language magic

may 10 0838 theresa

Another smile

may 10 0841 theresa

Theresa and Sina

may 10 0842 theresa santi


may 10 0843 theresa santi

Dewi - who met me at the Tanjung Pinang ferry terminal on Friday

may 10 0845 dewi

Our reception team - Ari (left) has the best smile

may 10 0850 team

I wanted something different than a straight line - so we tried this staggered organization

may 10 0853 team

Here is the star of the day - Sina

may 10 0854 sina

Now with a special folding of the hands

may 10 0855 team

And another hand signal

may 10 0857 team close

And the three stars - Sina, me and Santi. Actually there is a small competition with this organization. This is Lina's favorite and so she and Florence introduced me to this presentation. I must say, I like it and to be surrounded by either Lina and Florence or Santi and Sina - what more can an old man dream of?

may 10 0859 sina frank santi close

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