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May 16, 2008: On my way to Stockholm to present Krishnan's multilingual computing project.

This is how I got there: SQ 318 to London then SAS to Stockholm. First lesson - Europe is expensive, and maybe Sweden is more expensive? But I'm here, its very interesting and if the weather cooperates, I'll visit some interesting places.

Here is an interactive Google map of the GPS tracks for my trip. Click, drag, zoom and enjoy

First was a continuation of my studies of vortex condensation along the leading edge of aircraft. This was a Boeing 747 - and the crew found an empty seat over the wing so that I could watch for the tail tail tubes of condensate during takeoff. Here there is a faint tube - but all along the leading edge from the right is a faint region that is condensate without a vortex to limit it to a tube.

may 16 3946 sq318 vortex

A wider view - also evident is a thin layer of condensed mosture, like a fog flowing over the leading edge to the right of the vortex tube (at least that is my speculation)

may 16 3946 sq318 vortex large

Just a faint region aligned with the left of the extended flap (trace an imaginary line from the flap to the leading edge)

may 16 3950 vortex condensate

No condensate here - Singapore off to the left

may 16 3951 no vortex

Here the condensate is along the length of the wing parallel to the rear flap extensions

may 16 3954 leading edge condensate

Here just a puff of condensate on the leading edge in front of the red tipped whatever - with the flaps retracted and the tip of Batam in front of the wing

may 16 3986 small condensate

Just a puff of condensate - with Batam below.

may 16 3995 puff condensate

Now, nothing - but below - the tip of Batam.

may 16 3997 no condensate

Jumping ahead - here is the ending of a long flight - 13 hours from Singapore to London - somewhere near Berlin

may 16 4030 inbound london.

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