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May 20, 2012:Singapore Botanic Garden

Got up early this morning and left for the Botanic Garden about 6:45. Waited forever for bus 111 - it seems. I was trying to capture early morning insect behavior - thinking dragonflies and damselflies would be sleeping - wrong!!! Here is a grasshopper with missing right leg

may 20 3783 one legged grasshopper

A white flower

may 20 3799 white flower

A red dragonfly

may 20 3806 dragonfly

She jumped from plant to plant

may 20 3816 dragonfly

And an Argiope with no web decorations (stabilimenta)

may 20 3823 argiope

A very patient damselfly

may 20 3833 damselfly

A tan dragonfly

may 20 3844 dragonfly

View of the compound eye structure

may 20 3854 dragonfly eye

A closer view

may 20 3879 dragonfly eye

From behind

may 20 3880 dragonfly eyes

Damselfly eyes

may 20 3884 damselfly eyes

Looking head on - reflection of my ring flash

may 20 3888 damselfly eyes


may 20 3899 damselfly

Two spiders - I think both are female

may 20 3910 two spiders

The far spider

may 20 3912 two spiders

The near spider

may 20 3913 two spiders

A different view

may 20 3914 spider

The far spider

may 20 3916 spider

Walking back to the bus stop - Heliconia

may 20 3953 heliconia

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