Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

May 20, 2014: Continuously Monitoring Heart Rate and %O2 Sat: Offline (flight) and real time via SMS (jogging, walking)

First data capture: Our Android app talking via Bluetooth to a Nonin Oximeter

may 24 Nonin Oximeter Android Oximeter App

Graph of %O2 sat and Heart Rate as a function of altitude

may 20 MI 477 Altitude Oximeter Graph

MI 477 Flight Path with O2Sat and HR. Hover over any red pin to see the data

MI 477 Departure and Climbing from Rajiv Ghandi International Airport, Hyderabad

MI 477 Approach and Descent to Changi. Descent started near Malacca

Walking to work - from Outram MRT to Duke-NUS (real time SMS)

Jogging around the Queenstown Track (real time SMS)

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