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May 21, 2011:Web webs and geese

Yesterday I restarted jogging - one loop around our street. Today I did 3 loops and tomorrow I'll jog around the lake - Here is the path with markers every 250 meters. This path also passes my favorite spider places

This morning, I set out with a spray bottle to make morning dew and explore the structure of Mecynogea lemniscata web - Walking to my spider place there were sunbeams - so here they are

may 21 7560 sunbeams

Breakfast for M. lemniscata

may 21 7564 basilica breakfast

I sprayed some water (mist) on the web - so that with the morning sun, I would get a good presentation of the structure. Here is the web, a hanging egg sac and hanging breakfast (to the left and down).

may 21 7569 web basilica web

Here she is harvesting morning dew

may 21 7578 harvesting dew

A good view of the complex mesh structure of her web. Note the opening below the egg sac

may 21 7581 mecynogea lemniscata web structure

Another view

may 21 7583 web structure

In this series - I started with the focal plane close to me and then with each successive image, moved the focal plane closer to the center of the web

may 21 7602 web structure 1

Web structure: 2

may 21 7605 web structure 2

Web structure: 3

may 21 7608 web structure 3

Web structure: 4

may 21 7611 web structure 4

Web structure: 5

may 21 7617 web structure 5

Sunlit web - you can see the dome structure in the center

may 21 7633 sunlit web

A large web: > 1 meter across

may 21 7639 sunlight web

One of my early spider encounters - a barn spider, Araneus cavaticus

may 21 7644 Araneus cavaticus

In her hunting position - at the center of the web

may 21 7656 Araneus cavaticus

Her small small eyes

may 21 7661 araneus cavaticus eyes

Looking from below - nice against the morning sky

may 21 7665 araneus cavaticus eyes

Walking to Jay's, I passed some ducks and geese

may 21 7695 white duck

A goose

may 21 7713 morning goose

Eye of a goose

may 21 7733 goose

All sorts of water foul

may 21 7751 morning geese

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