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May 22, 2008: A walk-about in old Stockholm

Monday I took the subway from Kista to the center of Stockholm and walked from the T (T-Centralen where the green trace starts) to the island below and continued to the next island and walked to the left - following the bridges until I returned to T-Centralen.

Today - I walked to the east (right) to another small island, then back and to the next island to the right - where there are several museums and a park. Today the total walk was 10.3 Km. Good exercise

Taking the escalator back

Down the down escalator on my way home (21 MB mpg video)

The GPS tracks and map (interactive - drag the map toward the right and see where I walked on Monday afternoon - no tracks but you can see the bridge that I crossed - then walked north, crossed another bridge and then back to T-Centralen).

The start

Down to T-Centralen

Sort of like an alley but wide

may 22 4326 walkway

Waiting to walk - except the lady on the far side. She got a head start

may 22 4330 waiting to walk

The rotating clock as I started. Later you'll see the clock when I returned

may 22 4338 rotating clock

The morning fountain (later you'll see it again)

may 22 4343 morning fountain

A street

may 22 4348 street

And George's coffee house

may 22 4349 george coffee

The other morning fountain

may 22 4351 morning fountain

A red church

may 22 4353 red church

Rainbow row

may 22 4362 rainbow row

and a waiting ship

may 22 4366 ship

Off loaded the torpedos, though

may 22 4370 torpedo

A dock with many boats

may 22 4372 dock

The waterfront

may 22 4381 waterfront

And geese swimming

may 22 4384 geese

A trio

may 22 4387 trio birds


may 22 4388 ship


may 22 4397 swan

An old building - 1740, I think. It was apparently restored in the 1800s.

may 22 4401 old building

The water front

may 22 4402 water front

A ship

may 22 4405 ship

A white flower

may 22 4414 white flower

A pint flower

may 22 4422 pink flower

And a spire

may 22 4426 spire

A bird on my head - hmmmm

may 22 4432 bird on head

A water way - out to the Baltic Sea

may 22 4440 waterway

There is a wonderful shaded walkway / bike path / horse path between the two sets of auto lanes. Here are two police guys

may 22 4444 police horse

And here are some folks walking

may 22 4447 walking

A walk sign

may 22 4452 walk

A street

may 22 4458 street

And a Paris-like triangle building for Rachel

may 22 4462 triangle building

A street

may 22 4464 street

And a building with gold -like things

may 22 4466 gold building

An intersection

may 22 4472 intersection

Another intersection

may 22 4473 intersection

A big big fountain

may 22 4475 fountain

And big clock that rotates

may 22 4477 clock

Looking into a shopping mall from outside

may 22 4482 shopping mall

A bigger fountain

may 22 4483 fountain

Renovations by Skanska with a statue of a boy in the foreground

may 22 4485 skanska boy

Almost the end - an entrance to T-Central

may 22 4488 T central end

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