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May 23, 2009: Argyrodes flavescens - and the mating game

A walk to my spider observatory - and a surprise, a group from the Nature Photographic society (Singapore) was there enjoying what I enjoy each week.

The female argyrodes

may 23 3644 female argyrodes

The female (lower left) and male (upper right)

may 23 3648 male female argyrodes

It is unusual for me to see the dragline silk of Argyrodes but today was an exception. Dragline silk everywhere

may 23 3653 female dragline

Here she is manipulating some dragline segments

may 23 3659 female draglines

The male is making his approach (though slightly out of focus - not in the same focal plane as the female

may 23 3682 male approach

He continues and she appears interested

may 23 3699 male approach

Now they are playing tug-a-war - with a strand of hostess web silk

may 23 3715 female approach

They start the mating game with a toch of his front leg

may 23 3723 mating game

She is now having 2nd thoughts

may 23 3726 male touch

And says now - so he makes a hasty retreat

may 23 3728 answer no

To his safe corner of the web

may 23 3730 safe distance

But wait - now she is the target of a wasp looking for dinner

may 23 3737 inspecting dinner

Another view

may 23 3761 inspecting dinner

And he looks from a different place

may 23 3776 inspecting dinner

While a grasshopper watches

may 23 3784 ghopper

Wow, check out the huge muscle of the nind leg

may 23 3786 ghopper green muscle

Another view

may 23 3788 green muscle

And all this observed by this fly

may 23 3801 fly

Another view

may 23 3812 fly

And the fly turns a bit - looking at me and then leaves

may 23 3826 fly

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