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May 24, 2015: A visit to the Kompheim Village School Project

The ride to the school on Sokheurn's motorcycle

May 24, 2015: Visit to Kompheim Village

This morning, after sunrise photos, a small jumping spider appeared in the room - a perfect opportunity to capture a few macro images

may 24 2953 bedroom jumper

On the back of Sokheurn's motorcycle - we started toward Kompheim Village - passing new rice fields - where the variation in green is simply without words

may 24 2966 rice field

One of the school buildings

may 24 2967 sojourn school project

Another building

may 24 2968 school building

One of the fascinating construction strategies is that of recycling plastics to serve as an insulation in the walls as shown here.

may 24 2970 insulating walls non degradable plastic

Another of the buildings

may 24 2973 school building

The story of Anthony and Fiona's project

may 24 2980 village project

On the street outside the school

may 24 2982 roadside shop

Preparing rice fields

may 24 2985 rice prep

Wading through new green

may 24 2989 rice field workers

Contrasts of green

may 24 2996 cow rice field

More shades of green - with seedling harvesting in the middle

may 24 2998 rice seedlings water buffalo

A lone clump of palms surrounded by green

may 24 3002 color of green

Ponds to flood the fields

may 24 3006 rice pond

Riding behind Sokheurn

may 24 3015 on motorcycle

Now some local architecture

may 24 3017 home

Interesting awning

may 24 3018 interesting shape home roof

Colorful homes

may 24 3021 home rice straw

Avoid flooding with stilts

may 24 3023 home

Roadway meals

may 24 3024 mobile food

Afternoon bathing

may 24 3026 bathing pond

More shades of green

may 24 3033 shades of green

Lone palm

may 24 3036 lone palm

Shades of green

may 24 3042 new rice

A local pagoda

may 24 3077 temple


may 24 3078 home

Mother and daughter

may 24 3080 mom daughter

Shades of green

may 24 3083 cascading fields

A canal feeding green

may 24 3084 green rice

A path through the rice field

may 24 3086 shades of green

More green

may 24 3089 rice

Planting rice seedlings

may 24 3093 planting rice


may 24 3095 planting rice

And end of trip. I get great pleasure in viewing the variety of colors seen in the local farming communities. Rice makes so many shades of green

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