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May 29, 2009: Snorkelling around White Sand Island

It always starts with a ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

I went snorkelling at White Sand Island at mid afternoon. The water was not particularly inviting as there was lots of particulate matter that reflected light. So the photos are not great. Here is a giant clam

may 29 0143 giant clam

To be identified

may 29 0158 coral

To be identified

may 29 0178 cream coral

To be identified

may 29 0179 yellowish coral

Christmas tree coral (I think) and honeycomb coral

may 29 0202 christmas tree coral

To be identified

may 29 0203 green coral

To be identified

may 29 0206 greenish coral


may 29 0376 kelong


may 29 0413 table coral

A butterfly hanging on to a stalk of something

may 29 3865 butterfly

Fishing and setting crab traps

may 29 3929 fishermen

Seting a crab trap

may 29 3945 setting crab traps

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