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Nov 2, 2008: From Tampa to Singapore in about a day

The polar route of SQ 21

With Google Earth, you can visualize the altitude variations of the flight path: Departing Newark flying left to right.

Click Google Earth for downloading the Google Earth track file. By tilting the earth image to almost flat, you can see the increase in altitude of SQ21 as it climbed following EWR departure).

Landing at Changi as seen from Google Earth

Here is a superposition of the SQ21 flight path over Google maps. Drag and zoom to see interesting parts. The segment at the top that is off the map is where we passed by the North Pole (about 87 degrees north) - passing through 12 time zones in a few seconds

and the lights of New Jersey and New York during takeoff and climb

From the ramp - a bridge in the background

nov 02 3183 ewr bkgnd bridge

Taxi lights (4m)

nov 02 3189 ewr lights

I-95 below (38m)

nov 02 3203 jersey 38m

Passaic River (74m)

nov 02 3205 sq21 74m

New Jersey Lights and the Hackensack River (532m)

nov 02 3208 sq21 532m

New York and New Jersey lights (605m)

nov 02 3209 sq21 605m

New York and New Jersey lights (850m)

nov 02 3211 sq21 850m

New York and New Jersey lights (939m)

nov 02 3214 sq21 939m

George Washington Bridge (1092m)

nov 02 3217 sq21 gwbridge 1092m

George Washington Bridge (1380m)

nov 02 3220 sq21 gwbridge 1380m

Yummies from the galley

nov 02 3224 sq21 yummies

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