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November 03, 2011:SQ 21 to Singapore

How we flew home with Captain Lim and his team

Altitude plot of the Continental flight from Tampa to Newark and then SQ21 from Newark to Singapore

Altitude Plot

Departing Newark

nov 04 4161 taxi

Hudson River

nov 04 4215 hudson river


nov 04 4217 manhattan

New York

nov 04 4219 new york

New Jersey

nov 04 4221 new jersey

New York

nov 04 4222 new york

New Jersey

nov 04 4223 new jersey

Sunrise southeast of Iceland - riding on a bed of clouds

nov 04 4252 sunrise

Sunset over Kazakhstan - early

nov 04 4287 sunset

Sunset over Kazakhstan - later

nov 04 4294 sunset

After sunset - mostly oranges

nov 04 4307 sunset

With the wing of our A340

nov 04 4314 sunset

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