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November 12, 2009: From Newark to Singapore via North Pole

This time, the flight path maxed out at lat: 87.649861, long: 11.74 at 10:36:05 UCT. We crossed 6 time zones from longitude -45 to +45 between 10:09:40 and 10:47:09, or about 37 min. The actual flight path passed from Longitude -74.173578 at Newark to Longitude +103.985439 at Singapore, or 188 degrees. This is the detailed flight path - as I returned home

Some low light photos - aircraft landing

nov 11 9255 aircraft landing

The taxiway

nov 11 9258 taxiway

Taking off - to the North, so this time, we did not pass along New York City. Frequently in the past, we takeoff to the south and 'ake a left turn and follow the Hudson river a bit.

nov 11 9274 takeoff

nov 11 0590 takeoff

nov 11 9275 takeoff

nov 11 9279 takeoff

nov 11 9282 takeoff

A racetrack

nov 11 9288 racetrack

nov 11 9290 takeoff

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