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November 18, 2007: An Australian Adventure: Sydney

We traveled on the new A380 from Changi to Sydney. For fun, the following are the kmz files that display the trip on Google Earth.

Here is the Changi takeoff with tracks overlayed on Google Earth

Changi Takeoff

Larger scale

Changi SQ221 takeoff

and Sydney landing patterns - from Google Earth

Sydney landing


Sydney landing

From there, we made our way to the Capital Square Hotel. Each day in Sydney starts with a view of a reflection of our hotel in the HSBC building across the street. I'm thinking of doing a short essay for the Straits Times and in Australia, I'm collecting some reflections.

nov 18 3245 hotel reflection

Reflections of an orangish building

nov 18 3256 building reflection

The distorted image of a building - ripples in the glass

nov 18 3264 building reflection

Reflected copper domes

nov 18 3273 dome reflection

Real, not reflected: Talking statues

nov 18 3301 talking statues

And a night reflection of our hotel

nov 18 3343 night reflection

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