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Nov 20, 2008: Jerusalem

    Day's Itinerary
  • David's Citadel (9:44)
  • Purchase prepaid Sim card (10:28)
  • Jerusalem Armenian Quarter (11:38)
  • Lunch
  • Temple Institute
  • City of David
      Wet tunnel adventure
    • In: 15:52
    • Out: 16:36

Here are the tracks of our walks around Jerusalem

The corner of the citadel wall


Jerusalem Street - walking place the sim card shop


Walking toward David's Gate


Inside the citadel


An arch


Looking out


From the top


David's Citadel: Looking from the top of the tower


To the left


Right of the above


Right of the above (I'll try to make a panorama)


Dome of the Rock in the background


King David Gate

nov 20 2479 david gate

Here are some mosaic designs - great for quilts and weaving

nov 20 2482 citadel mosaic nov 20 2483 citadel mosaic

More designs

nov 20 2484 citadel mosaic nov 20 2485 citadel mosaic

last design

nov 20 2486 citadel mosaic

Jerusalem street

nov 20 2494 jerusalem street

My daughter, Rachel, is very fond of alleys and narrow streets. So when I see an interesting alley or narrow street, I take a photo. If you think this is a bit goofy, its ok. This is for Rachel :)

nov 20 2495 arches


nov 20 2496 arches

Narrow street

nov 20 2499 narrow street

Narrow street

nov 20 2506 narrow street

Narrow street

nov 20 2510 narrow street

Yet another narrow street

nov 20 2650 alley

West wall area

nov 20 2515 west wall area

West wall entrance

nov 20 2520 west wall entrance


nov 20 2526 wall

Eitan explaining

nov 20 2551 eitan

Interesting ruins

nov 20 2555 city of david


nov 20 2563 city of david

Stephen teaching

nov 20 2570 stephen teaching

Denise and Thaddeous - a bit of comic relief

nov 20 2587 denise thaddeous

CC thinking about lunch

nov 20 2605 cc lunch

Boh Chuan and Cheryl - partially in the sun

nov 20 2640 boh chuan cheryl

The waiting game: Stephen waiting for me

nov 20 2648 stephen waiting for me

Ellen waiting for me

nov 20 2655 ellen waiting for me

Thaddeous, smiling while waiting for me

nov 20 2664 thaddeous

The Dome of the rock

nov 20 2673 dome rock

Another view of the dome

nov 20 2674 dome

City of David

nov 20 2686 city of david


nov 20 2689 jerusalem

Sign to the tunnel

nov 20 2697 sign


nov 20 2700 down

down we went

nov 20 2707 down

Walking through the wet tunnel. Ellen in front of me. Clearly this is not an adventure of short people - the water was up to my knees in a few places - but for her - is was almost essential to swim

nov 20 2739 low ceiling

Low ceiling

nov 20 2743 low ceiling

Walking in the water - 40 min of walking in cool water of varying depth

nov 20 2775 walking water

King Hezekiah sign (when the Shiloah spring was discovered (I suppose)

nov 20 2776 tunnel spring sign

Leaving the tunnel

nov 20 2779 tunnel end ellen

Victory: Stephen is not waiting for me, at least this time

nov 20 2788 tunnel end

The Shiloah spring

nov 20 2800 shiloach pool

Evening lights

nov 20 2819 evening

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