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November 20, 2009: Bintan Agro Beach Lotus pond

How I got there.

The Friday ferry was booked - so I took the Thursday evening ferry - arriving about 9pm. Since there was little light, no photos from Nov 19 - but the morning of Nov 20 (Friday) was amazing. Mr Tjiagus has planted the pond near reception with lotus plants - something near and dear to my heart. Two years ago - there was a small lotus pond near the fence that disappeared for new construction and with the missing pond - was my missing these lovely plants and the insects that zoom in and out. Now they are back. Here is a blue lotus

nov 20 9549 blue lotus core

And a cubist rendition of the flower. Wonder what this would look like if printed on canvas?

nov 20 9549 blue lotus cubist

A lotus bug - but now I think this is a dragonfly nymph

nov 20 9551 blue lotus bug

Dragonfly nymph riding the lotus bud

nov 20 9554 rider

A water bug

nov 20 9577 water bug

Reflections of a water bug

nov 20 9578 water bug reflections

A lotus and a fly

nov 20 9587 blue lotus fly

Another shot

nov 20 9588 blue lotus fly

Pink lotus

nov 20 9591 pink lotus

Another view

nov 20 9593 pink lotus

nov 20 9596 blue lotus.

nov 20 9604 blue lotus

nov 20 9608 blue lotus

A fishing boat - sort of deserted

nov 20 9610 fishing boat


nov 20 9612 florence

Florence again

nov 20 9613 florence

A white flower - need to identify this

nov 20 9646 white flower

A white butterfly

nov 20 9653 white bfly

Another view

nov 20 9658 white bfly

I like this - sort of white on white

nov 20 9662 white bfly

A red (I forgot)

nov 20 9710 red flower

And drops on a frangipani blossom

nov 20 9796 frangipani drop

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