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November 20, 2010: Spider hunting with IR

Its been a couple of weeks since I visited my spider place. Because I've not seen orb weavers for the better part of a year, I've shifted my attention to crab spiders that appear on flowers and other stuff. Here is a hoverfly - hovering just before harvesting. A lucky shot

nov 20 6839 hoverfly in flight

Here harvesting

nov 20 6841 hoverfly harvesting

Another shot - note how the legs are all bowed for stability

nov 20 6845 hoverfly harvesting

Here he/she is has moved to the top of the blossom

nov 20 6848 hoverfly harvesting

She left and I chased her - and here she is approaching what I call a micro-orchid (forgot the serious name)

nov 20 6851 hoverfly white uorchid

Inside she goes

nov 20 6852 hoverfly harvesting

A closer view

nov 20 6854 hoverfly harvesting

Here is a spider having just caught a moth for breakfast - She is not a crab spider and I was unable to get a clear shot of her

nov 20 6861 breakfast

Another view

nov 20 6867 spider moth

The color of white

nov 20 6873 white

My favorite

nov 20 6874 favorite flower

A green dragonfly

nov 20 6878 green dfly

Another of my favorite

nov 20 6884 favorite flower

An ant on the prowl

nov 20 6896 ant harvesting

and in she goes - in search of ...

nov 20 6899 ant harvesting

A zebra-like butterfly

nov 20 6904 zebra butterfly

Good shot of her eye

nov 20 6907 zebra bfly eye

Yellow dragonfly

nov 20 6927 yellow dfly

Now for fun - I have a D50, converted for infrared photography - and here are some IR photos. This is Commonwealth, as I walk to my spider place. Note the leaves are white - reflecting lots of incident IR energy

nov 20 9015 commonwealth ir

Commonwealth on the other side

nov 20 9020 commonwealth

The Margaret Drive Food court - where I get lime juice on my way back from spider hunting

nov 20 9028 margaret dr food court ir

My spider place - tallk grass where I look for Cyrtaphora and crab spiders

nov 20 9035 spider place ir

Looking toward Queensway

nov 20 9040 queensway

A lone tree

nov 20 9042 tree

Nearby is McDonalds - time for a coke break. Turtles in IR

nov 20 9047 turtles


nov 20 9053 looking

Two turtles - sort of kissing

nov 20 9063 kissing turtles

Swirls and a turtle

nov 20 9073 water swirls turtle ir

A fish

nov 20 9080 fish swirls


nov 20 9086 watching


nov 20 9098 trees

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