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November 22, 2007: An Australian Adventure: Parrots in Alice Springs

We flew from Sydney to Alice Springs. Flat Jacob was using Google Earth to find the airport

Here is the Google Earth view of our flight

Alice Springs Flight

Departure from the Sydney Domestic Terminal

Sydney Domestic Terminal

and arrival at Alice Springs (yellow track) and taking the shuttle bus to the Comfort Inn (green track)

QF arrival in Alice Springs

Here is flat Jacob, waiting with Ellen for the airport shuttle to take us to our hotel

nov 22 4387 flat jacob shuttle alice springs

We went to our hotel - in the lower right. After checking in, Flat Jacob and I took a walk along the river bed to the center of the city. The green track is that of the Airport Shuttle. The blue track is my walking into town and the purple track shows that I took a short cut across the river bed when returning to the Comfort Inn

Walking down town

As I walked I passed signs of Aboriginal Programs

nov 22 4427 aboriginal sign

A license plate announcing that we're here - in outback country

nov 22 4428 outback license

A typical Alice Springs street

nov 22 4429 alice springs street

As seen from Google Earth

Alice Springs Center

The local Saloon

nov 22 4431 saloon

and Woolworths - great food store

nov 22 4432 woolworths

walking back I passed a parrott

nov 22 4438 parrot

a colorful bird

nov 22 4440 colorful bird

And two parrots

nov 22 4457 two parrots

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