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November 23, 2007: An Australian Adventure: Uluru

How we got there - by bus which was quite entertaining and educational

Here is the GPS track from Alice Springs to Uluru / Kata Tjuta

From Alice Springs to Uluru

On the way, we stopped at Jim's Place for breakfast. Since I am a light breakfast eater, I looked around outside and found an interesting spider in the emu fence. I think she is an Argiope but not certain. Here are different presentations: her dorsal presentation, with a single stabilimentum.

nov 23 4493 argiope

From the side

nov 23 4503 argiope side

Something collided with her web and here she is doing a harvesting thing

nov 23 4512 argiope leucauge

Looking down at her palps

nov 23 4514 argiope

Then back on the road to Uluru

nov 23 4525 road to uluru

Mountains in the distance

nov 23 4528 mountains

An Ellen and a mesa in the background

nov 23 4576 ellen mesa

Experimenting with polarizing filter - with the filter properlly aligned and looking at red sand, suppressing the reflected image.

nov 23 4580 polarizing filter

Experimenting with polarizing filters - A 90 degree rotation of the polarizing filter - and the reflected image passes through the filter.

nov 23 4581 no polarizing filter

We stopped at Kata Tjunta - and Mt. Olga as seen from Google Earth

. Google Earth, Mt. Olga

and here is our track - the blue track is our return track

Kata Tjuta tracks

Here is a reflection of the Olgas at Kata Tjunta

Kata Tjuta reflections

A reflection of a bush

nov 23 4636 kata tjuta brush reflection

A sign describing Kata Tjuta

nov 23 4640 kata tjuta sign

We then returned to Ayer's rock (Uluru) and here is our track around the rock

Tracks around Uluru

After visiting Kata Tjuta, we set up for dinner and took photos of the shadows falling across Uluru Watch the shadows walk across Uluru (4.7 mpg)

And here is Uluru (Ayer's Rock)

nov 23 4681 uluru

And here is Uluru from Google Earth

Uluru, Google Earth

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