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Nov 24, 2008: Masada and Qumram

  • Qumran (8:34)
  • Ein Gedi (10:29)
  • Lunch
  • Masada (13:09)
  • Dead Sea including swimming/floating (15:47)
  • Overnight Dead Sea

Our first stop was Qumram and the setting of the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. As we got there early - the buffet was closed

nov 24 3582 qumran buffer before

A wadi - where flash flood water is channeled creating havoc for folks downstream

nov 24 3586 qumran wadi

An ibex looking at me

nov 24 3588 ibex look

Here is the scroll cave

nov 24 3594 qumram scroll cave

A closer look

nov 24 3595 qumram scroll cave

An ibex on the next hill

nov 24 3599 geselle qumram

Israeli agriculture with the Dead Sea in the background

nov 24 3600 agri field

A resting Ibex

nov 24 3606 geselle down

Next we took a walk up the mountain to these falls

nov 24 3723 big falls

Another view

nov 24 3736 big falls

How to get there

nov 24 3741 en geti sign

A smaller water fall

nov 24 3751 little falls

An Ibex family - eating

nov 24 3762 3 ibex

Stalking an ibex

nov 24 3790 ibex

On to Masada and up (by cable car) to King Herod's alternate palace

nov 24 3830 masada cable car

Walls and rooms of the palace

nov 24 3884 masada

Looking out over Judea

nov 24 3887 judea

Walking down to the 3rd level - here are the remains of the palace

nov 24 3922 herod lower level

And the graphics

nov 24 3908 column design

Walking back was a cooperative black bird - so I was able to get several close photos

nov 24 3952 black bird

Another view

nov 24 3955 black bird

A different bird

nov 24 3957 black bird

On to the Dead Sea. Ellen floating

nov 24 4056 ellen dead sea

See - she can float

nov 24 4059 ellen flat

And Frank can float - and Ellen can make a good photo

nov 24 4067 frank waving

In the shade of a palm tree

nov 24 4073 frank up

Floating without a care in the world

nov 24 4077 flat frank

And the entire team gets into the act - Denise and her balancing act

nov 25 4080 team swim

Sunset on our group

nov 24 4087 team swim

Look, Thaddeous can float also

nov 24 4100 team swim

Some with unique bathing suits

nov 24 4107 team swim

Walking back to the hotel

nov 24 4112 meridian hotel

Wisps of clouds

nov 24 4114 cloud whisps

Sunset and the reflections of the Jordanian mountains

nov 24 4119 dead sea north


nov 24 4121 dead sea north


nov 24 4127 dead sea reflection

Much later

nov 24 4141 dead sea view north

Very much later

nov 24 4144 dead sea view

and a little bit later

nov 24 4145 dead sea view

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