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November 30, 2014: Valathi Wakeup and Westgate Church

This is really amazing. BJP won the May election and Modi became the prime minister. He is setting out to reduce corruption. This is one of his first acts - everyone must have a bank account and ATM card. And to make it work, he has installed ATM machines in many small villages. The population of Valathi is probably 500 and here is the ATM machine site 24/7 available with backup power. So when the govt provides gas subsidies they are deposited directly into your account - instead of passing to someone who charges a "fee" for distributing (politely called skimming) - the ATM machines bring transparency to the passing of salaries, subsidies, etc

nov 30 8822 Modi ATM

The ATM machine

nov 30 8828 modi atm machine

I love to make photos of cooling tea. Its a wonderful demonstration of physics - the flowing tea changes from laminar flow at the top to droplet flow at the bottom - because of surface tension and gravity that promotes droplet formation

nov 30 8842 cooling tea

Preparing chickens - fresh

nov 30 8855 morning chicken prep

Morning chickens

nov 30 8859 morning chickens

Morning rice field before planting.

nov 30 8862 morning rice field

Driving to AP and the West Gate Church

We drove north for a couple of hours, through Vellore and into Andra Pradesh to the West Gate Chapel - an outreach church Betty built

nov 30 8898 westgate AP church

All came outside to meet us

nov 30 8903 prayer before

Then marched back in for th emorning service

nov 30 8910 AP service


nov 30 8912 AP service

After the service, tea and bicuits

nov 30 8915 AP church

Driving back to Vellore

nov 30 8927 road to vellore

Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore

nov 30 8967 CMC


nov 30 8969 CMC

Downtown Vellore

nov 30 8975 vellore

And along the way - folks are planting rice. So I stopped and took some more photos

nov 30 8976 planting rice

Usuall mixture of amazing colors

nov 30 8977 planting rice

More colors

nov 30 8981 planting rice

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