Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

October 2, 2010: Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Trail

Sometimes Larry and I venture off the Alexandra Hospital and their butterfly trail

oct 02 2156 lily

The sign

oct 02 2161 AHBT

Long tailed butterfly

oct 02 2169 butterfly tail


oct 02 2172 fly

Jumping spider - upside down

oct 02 2178 jumper

Green jumper

Eyes of a jumper

oct 02 2187 green jumper


oct 02 2240 fly

Fly and dew drops

oct 02 2242 fly close

From the side

oct 02 2259 fly close

A red something

oct 02 2261 pink green

Snail - if you disturb her, these yellow-orange things shoot out as a defensive position

oct 02 2322 catapillar horns

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