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October 06, 2012:Queensway Secondary School

Off to Queensway Secondary School in search of crab spiders. I found this guy - but while setting up - she was spooked and hid here

oct 06 0331 crab hiding

My micro-orchid: Aysystasia gangeticam

oct 06 0333 aysytasia gangeticam

And a hungry moth

oct 06 0336 moth feeding asystasia gangeticam


oct 06 0339 seeds

Another moth

oct 06 0344 moth

October 06, 2012:Singapore Botanic Gardin with Larry

With Larry - looking for dragonflies and damselflies at the SBG lotus pond

oct 06 0350 dfly eye

Eye of a dragonfly

oct 06 0354 dfly eye

A complex structure. The lower portion seems to have a smaller element than the upper segment

oct 06 0355 complex eye

Burgundy Dragonfly

oct 06 0362 burgondy dfly

Burgundy Dragonfly

oct 06 0364 burgondy dfly

Cricket standoff

oct 06 0368 cricket standoff

Cricket standoff

oct 06 0371 cricket standoff

Dragonfly mist

oct 06 0373 dfly drops

Yellow dragonfly

oct 06 0376 yellow dfly

Small web orb web

oct 06 0379 small web

Ant combat

oct 06 0390 ant combat

Dragonfly through wing

oct 07 0348 dfly thru wing

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