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October 15, 2014:More funnel web spiders Agelenopsis at Duke

What appears to be a pregnant female Agelenopsis

oct 15 5401 female funnel pregnant

Pregnant funnel web spider with dinner

oct 15 5404 female dinner

Male Agelenopsis

oct 15 5405 male agelenopsis funnel web spider

Side view of male Agelenopsis

oct 15 5407 male agelenopsis side

Pregnant femal guarding dinner

oct 15 5410 female agelenopsis guarding dinner

Female Agelenopsis

oct 15 5418 female agelenopsis

I spooked her and she thinks she is hiding

oct 15 5425 female agelenopsis hiding

Fly on a flower

oct 15 5437 flower fly

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