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Oct 19, 2008: A walk about the Duke campus

Where I walked

It was early and cold so I thought I would warm up a bit an walk around the Duke campus. So many new buildings, it was just fun to be a tourist. Walking from the Washington Duke Inn - the first thing was to notice the long shadows

oct 19 1575 early shadows

As a walked into the central campus, I thought it would be interesting to capture different arches. Here is one.

oct 19 1587 art of arch

Inside an arch

oct 19 1595 inside arch

The Duke Chapel

oct 19 1600 duke chapel

A complex arch

oct 19 1605 complex arch

A silver devil on top of the library

oct 19 1610 silver devil

The old steam plant

oct 19 1612 steam plant

The trash compactor and my old lab behind

oct 19 1614 trash compacter and lab

My office - the door untouched for 11 years.

oct 19 1629 franks office

A yellow flower

oct 19 1638 yellow flower

A modern arch (square)

oct 19 1639 modern arch

The intersection between Erwin Road and Science Drive - where a Duke security officer wanted to know what I was doing - "just in case someone asked"

oct 19 1651 where it happened

Me and the cross the street button

oct 19 1654 me button

Belinda Gates is from the French Family that funded the French Family Science Center

oct 19 1662 french family center

And back home to the Washington Duke Inn

oct 19 1675 wash duke inn

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