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October 26, 2011:Nature walk at Walden Lake

Driving to Plant City

We drove down in the morning - stopping west of Jacksonville for lunch. Then on to Plant City. This morning I went out early in search of orb weavers. As in Singapore, the orb weavers are now quite rare. Here is Lucauge

oct 26 3586 lucauge

A daisy

oct 26 3589 daisy

Pink flower among green leaves. I'm walking around Walden Lake just seeing what I can see.

oct 26 3600 pink flower green leaves

Another pink flower

oct 26 3613 pink flower

Drops of morning dew on a daisy-like flower

oct 26 3623 daisy drops

A fern

oct 26 3627 fern

A squirrel

oct 26 3637 squirrel

Walking past the very quiet lake was a leaf floating in a pool of clouds

oct 26 3641 water clouds

And at home, a small lizard on my work bench

oct 26 3654 lizard

Another view

oct 26 3656 lizard

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